• Enter your URL above and hit the button.

  • Your website will refresh every 30 seconds.

  • That's it! You're now an automation champion.


What are people using LMRTFY for?

LMRTFY is a tool that automatically refreshes a website to help people with mundane tasks like checking if their website is down or checking if concert tickets have yet to go on sale. Use it however you'd like, but please do not use this website for any malicious or illegal activity.

Is there a way to open my website in a new tab without stopping the automatic refreshing?

If you want to look at your website without it refreshing, there is a second button in the header - which only displays while automatically refreshing a website - that will open your website in a new tab.

That button looks like this:

What if the website I entered won't load?

Chances are you did not enter your own website. For various reasons - mostly security - many popular websites (i.e., google.com, facebook.com) do not allow their website to be included via an iframe, so this tool will not be able to load those websites.